Lesson Pack 2

How to use the Modes

The Modes certainly have an air of mystery around them, and at first ca

n be a little bit daunting. In this lesson Mike shows you how to use the modes in a musical setting so that it doesn’t just sound like you’re running up and down scales.

Video length: 40:00

Minor Caged

Adding the Minor CAGED system into your guitar playing repertoire will completely open up your playing, and you will be able to start playing true “Solo Guitar” mixing your lead and rhythm playing together.

Video length: 25:17


Legato means “Smooth” and in this lesson Mike will show you some cool slippery smooth legato ideas to inject into your playing.

Video length: 24:21

Eight jazz blues licks

In this lesson Mike will take your lead playing up a notch by showing you some very cool Jazz guitar licks to add into your playing. Also showing you how you can take these licks and use them to craft your solos.

Video length: 26:35

Diminished Chords

The Diminished chord is a great chord that adds suspense and also movement to your chord progressions. They can put people of learning them at first as a lot of the time people think they’re too advanced. In this video Mike breaks down the 3 main types of Diminished chords and shows you how to use them in actual music.

Video length: 28:12

The harmonised Major Scale

The Harmonised Major Scale is the bedrock of music. In this lesson Mike shows you how you can take your simple Major & Minor chords and change them to more colourful chords like Maj9 & Min11 chords. As well as that he shows you how you can use the harmonised major scale for your lead playing as well.

Video length: 22:56

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