Video Lessons


Getting to and from guitar lessons isn’t always easy, nor is finding the time for a skype session- which is why Mike has created these handy lesson videos for you to download and learn from at your own pace! A wide range of subjects are covered from Jazz Chords to Hybrid Picking- there’s a video to help you spice up any style of playing you prefer. Once downloaded you can watch a video as many times as you like and learn in your own time. If you would like a specialised video on a subject that featured below then please get in touch and Mike will be happy to help.

Caged Rhythmic Lead Playing


One of the greatest things to be able to do on the guitar is to play both lead and rhythm at the same time- a la Jimi Hendrix! In this lesson Mike breaks down the caged system and gets you playing those great Bluesy RnB sounds.

Video length: 23:08

Eight Very Tasty Blues Licks


In this lesson Mike teaches eight very tasty Blues licks which incorporate the major and minor pentatonic’s together. Not only are you shown how to play the licks, but Mike also shows you how to use them in a musical context.

Video length: 24:40

Blues Jazz Chords


So you know your Blues chords- A7, D7, E7 etc. In this lesson Mike shows you how to jazz them up adding extra colour notes to get ‘Adult’ chords such as 13th chords, B13 chords, 9th chords and the scary diminished chords!

Video length: 18:36

How To Use The Major/Minor Scale With Your Pentatonics


So.. you’ve got your pentatonic scale down, and you know all the 5 shapes, but when you hear your favourite players you can hear extra notes- chances are they are incorporating the major or minor scale into their playing. In this lesson Mike shows you how to incorporate this scale into your playing, so that you can go from sounding like an amateur to a pro in no time!

Video length: 22:28

Hybrid Picking


Hybrid picking is the art of incorporating the fingers from our picking hand whilst still playing with a plectrum. In this lesson Mike starts you out with simple chords using this technique then progress to playing banjo rolls and using hybrid picking with your main playing.

Video length: 23:46

Incorporating Arpeggios Into Your Playing


Arpeggios can seem scary at first, but once you get to grips with them they’re great for giving your playing a melodic boost. In this lesson Mike will show you how to incorporate this into your Blues/ Rock playing to make your playing stand out from the crowd!

Video length: 23:15

How to use the Modes


The Modes certainly have an air of mystery around them, and at first can be a little bit daunting. In this lesson Mike shows you how to use the modes in a musical setting so that it doesn’t just sound like you’re running up and down scales.

Video length: 40:00

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  • Blues Jazz Chords
  • How To Use The Major/ Minor Scale With Your Pentatonics
  • Hybrid Picking
  • Incorporating Arpeggios Into Your Playing